Astarael Minecraft Server brought to you by Website designed and created by Mick Garrad
End of an era...

Unfortunately this server has been closed - sorry if you missed out.

Thanks again to everyone who gave your support or had fun over the years, so did we!
Welcome to Astarael

Join us on this exciting and constantly evolving survival server supporting the latest version of Minecraft. Discover a rich, hand-crafted world filled with hidden wonders. Plunder abandoned dungeons and ancient temples while you explore the vast wilderness with your friends.

We have many game modifications intended to give you the best experience possible, and our friendly Admin will help you out; please note though, that we don’t spawn items or blocks! An abundance of resources awaits, so you can start building all those traps and hidden doors nice and quickly.

We also limit use of TNT and fire, so your houses will never have to be destroyed by a griefer with a tinder box again! TNT is still usable in traps as it still does damage, however the nasty side-effects of all fire and explosions have been removed for a ‘safer’ experience. Want a fireplace or lava disposal in your wooden house? Sure, why not!

Brought to you by - because we love Minecraft almost as much as we love music!
Server Address

Please note: This is a public server, and we take care to ensure that everybody's creations are safe. Anyone caught griefing will be banned immediately - consider this your only warning.
Griefing is considered to be anything that destroys another player's hard work - this includes placing water or lava, breaking blocks, stealing crops without AT LEAST replanting, etc... If you didn't build it, just leave it alone!

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